The Company

New Horizons Business Ventures, Inc. (NHBV) is an internet-based management consulting company founded in 2004 by Carol L. Fatuzzo. Recently the business of EF Management Associates, Inc., an international consulting company founded by Ennio Fatuzzo, has been consolidated with NHBV.

Today, NHBV is a resource helping companies survive and prosper, despite internal issues and/or disruptive external forces (such as economic chaos, extreme competitive pressure, new technology) that threaten their existence. Our goals are to help entrepreneurs looking to launch new businesses and leaders who are already working in the trenches develop new skills and pursue new directions for profitable growth.

Fatuzzo Books

NHBV currently is focusing its efforts on providing management guidance through writing and publishing books and articles, a blog, and a social media presence. For more information about our efforts and products visit our authors' Web site:

Meet the Team

NHBV offers management guidance by experienced business executives to help build a better Future. The focus is on helping companies succeed by providing direction for developing strong leadership skills and insight into harnessing disruptive change.


Carol L. Fatuzzo

Founder & CEO

Dr. Carol L. Fatuzzo is the founder and President/CEO of New Horizons Business Ventures, Inc. (NHBV). Prior to founding NHBV, Dr. Fatuzzo served as a Technical Director for 3M, one of the 100 largest U.S. Manufacturing Corporations. Dr. Fatuzzo’s professional career includes over 30 years of technical and leadership positions in a variety of businesses.



Ennio Fatuzzo

Vice President

Dr. Ennio Fatuzzo is a corporate executive with extensive experience in managing large organizations, combating external business threats, and building businesses through acquisitions. Before joining NHBV full-time, Dr. Fatuzzo founded/led EF Management Associates, Inc., an international business consulting company. He has held business executive positions in 3M and other companies.


Our Products

For more about our books, articles, and social media presence visit our authors' Web site.