Consulting Approach

Using an internet-based, interactive consulting approach,  NHBV helps companies identify and implement the changes needed to survive business disruptions in the short term, turnaround business in the mid-term, and grow business in the longer term. Whether the needs are improved growth or funding strategies, prioritizing investments, restructuring the organization, and/or changing the approach to products and services, NHBV can provide assistance.

Balancing Innovation and Engineering for Excellence in Operations

Are your internal programs meeting timelines? Are your existing product performance, quality, and cost goals being met? Are your new products providing expected growth? Whether your need is fine tuning your organization or a major restructuring, NHBV offers easy-to-use tools and methodologies to help you turnaround performance.

Managing Your Program Portfolio for Business Success

Are your current programs and initiatives compatible with your business plan and the resources available? Are the overall results meeting the business expectations? Does your program portfolio have an acceptable balance of risk versus reward?  NHBV can help you balance your portfolio and manage it for optimum results.

Building the Future through Innovative New Products

Have cost cutting and restructuring stopped producing significant results? Do your new products often not meet your customers’ performance or quality requirements? Are your technologies aging? Would you like to leapfrog your competitors?  NHBV provides guidance to help you to develop and introduce the right new products at the right time.

Finding the Competitive Breakthroughs in a Disruptive Global Economy

Are you looking to quickly increase your new product portfolio? Are you missing key technical capabilities or intellectual property? Do you want to enter a new technology-based business area? Often internal development and/or redirection alone will not allow you to achieve your business goals. NHBV can assist you with various aspects of identifying and accessing external new opportunities and resources.


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