Ennio Fatuzzo, Ph.D.
Vice President
New Horizons Business Ventures, Inc. (NHBV)

Dr. Ennio Fatuzzo currently is the Vice President of New Horizons Business Ventures, Inc. (NHBV).  Previously, he was the President and C.E.O of EF Management Associates, Inc. (2004-2018),  and of AIM, Inc. (1994-2004), both international business consulting companies he founded that provided guidance to companies for business survival and turnaround in a disruptive business environment. He also held business executive positions in 3M Company and management positions in Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and Marconi Company in the UK. For most of his management career, Dr. Fatuzzo has specialized in helping businesses regain momentum under intense competitive pressure and/or difficult economic conditions.

Business Management Experience

A Successful Entrepreneur. From 1994—2018, Dr. Fatuzzo and his companies (first AIM, Inc. and then EF Management Associates, Inc.) provided business consulting to companies ranging from small start-ups to major multinational corporations. In addition, during this time period, Dr. Fatuzzo gave a number of invited seminars and short courses on various aspects of business management at the University of Minnesota and several universities abroad.

A Corporate Business Executive. Prior to retiring from 3M in 1994, Dr. Fatuzzo held various business executive positions at 3M. These included Division Vice President for the Professional Audio/Visual Products Division, which involved worldwide responsibility for the total business—from R&D to manufacturing to marketing and sales, under conditions of very strong competitive pressures from overseas corporations. Other responsibilities included heading the Strategic Planning Committee for one of 3M’s four business Sectors and forming and leading a Sector New Business Ventures organization responsible for identifying new businesses to be acquired or developed internally and then implementing the acquisition and/or development plans.

International Experience

Prior to joining 3M in 1966, Dr. Fatuzzo held R&D Management positions at Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in Switzerland, where his groups of scientists had the charter to develop new growth technologies for RCA’s global businesses. He also led technical projects in the field of microwave applications for a subsidiary of the English Electric Group in England.


Dr. Fatuzzo has a Doctorate in Physics, holds 15 US patents, has published over 40 papers, and is the co-author of a book entitled “Ferroelectricity” published by North-Holland Publishing Company. In addition, he has given many invited business seminars and lectures, often making the connection between science and business leadership.