NHBV employs unique methodologies and tools in a 4-step process to help businesses survive disruptions in the short term, turnaround performance in the mid-term, and achieve growth in the longer term.

Step 1: Business Baseline (The Diagnosis)

Assessing the status of the Business and its surrounding environment. Projecting realistic future results.

Elements include:

  • Understanding key external forces such as the economy, technology, and business practice innovations
  • Analyzing competitive positions -  yours and others
  • Assessing your product portfolio
  • Projecting future results based on a realistic baseline
  • Identifying key critical issues

Step 2: Business Survival (Stabilization)

Developing short term actions to address business plan shortfalls and key critical issues and then implementing them.

Elements include:

  • Establishing short term survival goals
  • Exploring alternative strategies to achieve those goals
  • Developing detailed action plans to implement the chosen strategies consistent with time and resource constraints
  • Mobilizing or deploying resources as required
  • Monitoring results and making changes

Step 3: Business Turnaround (Recovery)

Internal restructuring and operational optimization to maximize business results.

Actions include:

  • Identifying business issues, and addressing them
  • Reviewing marketing strategy and revising marketing plans
  • Optimizing manufacturing processes for improved performance and quality
  • Reviewing and balancing the product program portfolio for maximum potential and minimum risk

Step 4: Business Growth (The Future)

Pursuing new directions and innovative approaches to business expansion and renewed growth.

Alternatives include:

  • Finding and assessing new ideas and new technologies with potentially high business impact
  • Exploring New Business Areas and New Business Models
  • Investigating possible external alliances and/or acquisitions
  • Defining and developing strategies/plans for acquiring new capabilities and resources


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