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How Can NHBV Support You?

Our goal is to provide products that help management lead their businesses to success through improved organizational effectiveness and performance.

To achieve this goal we focus on addressing the unique challenges of our chaotic times with leadership books, thought-provoking articles, and our new blog (

More detailed information about our products can be found on our new authors' Web site:

What are your specific needs? What kind of consulting support are you looking for?

For consulting support, NHBV works with EF Management Associates, Inc, (EFMA). Therefore to explore consulting support and determine how we might help you it is best to contact EFMA directly.

To do this you can visit the EFMA Web site ( to learn more about the company's services, or you can contact EFMA by email:
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 Interacting with NHBV

NHBV has created a new Web site to highlight the Fatuzzos' books and articles:
This Web site includes a Digital Store and provides additional insight into our products and thoughts. It also provides links to our Facebook page, blog, and twitter. In addition, we can be reached at

Or, you can always email us at:

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