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Riding the Tsunamis of Change
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When disruptive forces such as economic chaos or unexpected competitive actions suddenly impact a business, they create a crisis. At that point, rapid and effective leadership actions are essential. Following or modifying a traditional course of action is unlikely to produce needed results.

So what should leaders do differently for business survival, turnaround, and growth when they find their businesses engulfed by the chaotic tidal waves of recession or some other disruptive changes?

There is no simple answer. However NHBV, together with EF Management Associates, Inc. (EFMA), is creating a series of articles and books that provide insight and management guidance to help business leaders successfully "Ride the Tsunamis of Change."    

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Business Leadership

NHBV/EFMA offers a series of books and articles which address management actions for business survival and growth in disruptive times.

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A Novel and a Memoir 

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  books by Giacomo Fatuzzo

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Business & Technology

Insights into the intertwining of technology, entrepreneurship, and business growth.


Creating New Superstars
A Guide to Businesses that Soar above the Sea of Normality
by Carol & Ennio Fatuzzo

A book about how the intersection of explosively advancing technology super-platforms and revolutionary agents of change has created an environment where "Superstar Companies" can exist. Insight into the chaotic forces changing everyone and everything.

Available in both paperback and Kindle formats from:
Business Survival and Prosperity through "Dynamic Business Leadership"

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