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Management Consulting Focused on Growth and Leadership
Focus Areas
Selected NHBV Focus Areas
Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership for Growth

Organizational Effectiveness
       Excellence in Operations  
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Where are you now and where do you need to be?
  • Organizational Audit 
  • Future-oriented functional plans 
       Program Portfolio Management  
What can you do to maximize your internal program results?
  • Creating a Balanced Portfolio of Programs
  • Prioritizing Programs and Resources

Leadership for Growth
       Innovative New Products  
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How can you introduce innovative new products faster
and better?
  • Generating Innovative new product ideas
  • Phased New Product Commercialization Systems
       New Directions for Growth  
Is there an acquisition or an alliance that can fuel your
growth engine?
  • Generating innovative new product ideas
  • Identification and assessments of potential partners

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