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NHBV books and courses assist in:
  • Identifying key outcomes needed from each function to support the Business Plan
  • Developing Functional Plans with clear goals, strategies, and timing
  • Evaluating and optimizing current efforts to improve likely outcomes
   Balancing Innovation and Engineering for Excellence in Operations

Are your internal programs meeting timelines? Are your existing product performance, quality, and cost goals being met? Are your new products providing expected growth? Whether your need is fine tuning your organization or a major restructuring, NHBV products provide you with unique and easy-to-use tools and methodologies to help you turnaround performance.

The methodologies for reviewing the business goals/plans, provided by NHBV products, can assist in identifying the key outcomes needed from each function. Areas addressed include:
  • Projected Program Portfolio outcomes versus business expectations
  • Determination of optimized program balance based on business goals
  • Program selection using agreed upon criteria
NHBV products provide guidance for developing 5 year, integrated Functional Plans which includes:
  • Strategies for products, technologies, and intellectual property
  • Guidelines for creating a balanced program portfolio and establishing priorities
  • Clearly defined timelines

Improving Functional performance is multi-faceted.  NHBV products teach benchmarked “business audit” methodologies to assess functional performance, identify critical issues, and make recommendations for improvement. Areas addressed include:
  • Organizational structure and integration of programs with business operations
  • Realistic risks/rewards of programs, projects, and technologies
  • Intellectual property management and technology transfer effectiveness
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