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Portfolio Management

Program Portfolio Management

NHBV books and courses assist in:
  • Creating a Program Portfolio which is integrated with business operations
  • Prioritizing programs/investments to optimize the Program Portfolio
  • Establishing tools for ongoing management of the ProgramPortfolio
   Managing the Program Portfolio for Business Success

Are your current programs and initiatives compatible with your business plan and the resources available? Are the overall results meeting the business expectations? Does your program portfolio have an acceptable balance of risk versus reward?  NHBV products can help you to balance your R&D portfolio and to manage it for optimum results.
NHBV products provide guidance for evaluating current internal programs based on objective criteria, and then working to select a subset of those programs (or new programs) for further consideration based on business needs. Areas addressed are:
  • Projected Program Portfolio outcomes versus business expectations
  • Determination of optimized program balance based on business goals
  • Program selection using agreed upon criteria
By providing methodologies for examining the program portfolio as a whole, NHBV products can help you achieve a better balance of programs and establish priorities. Factors considered include:
  • Risk versus reward
  • Innovation and match with your core competencies
  • Timing and resources available
Once you have optimized your program portfolio, how do you effectively manage multiple programs and maximize results? NHBV books and courses address:
  • Resource reallocation
  • Action plans focusing on critical issues
  • Processes for ongoing program reviews
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