Exceptional Leadership

New strategies and new directions. Exceptional leadership for exceptional growth. Strong-willed, a risk-taker, able to think and act outside of the box. Where are you now and what actions are needed for business survival and growth? NHBV provides guidance to those seeking to answer questions like these and and acquire the skills needed for strong leadership.

Technology Launching Pads

The intersection of explosively advancing technology super-platforms and revolutionary agents of change has created an environment where extreme business growth is possible. Technology Launching Pads: game changers that are re-creating the business landscape. NHBV provides insight into these chaotic forces changing everyone and everything.

Exponential Growth

Excellence in operations. Evaluating and optimizing current efforts. Program portfolio management. Capitalizing on innovation. Accelerating new product commercialization. Generating new ideas. Insight into harnessing disruptive change. Fast track processes for turning technologies into products. These and more are NHBV's focus areas for growth.

Exceptional Leadership - Technology Launching Pads - Exponential Growth


Creating New Superstars

"Business as usual" is certain death for companies in today's volatile and explosively changing environment. But there are "Superstar Companies" that have forged their own paths through the chaos and achieved sustained, exponential growth.

In our newest book, Creating New Superstars, we identify today's Superstars and investigate what makes them shine while other large companies flicker dimly until going dark. Although there is no recipe for success, innovation and exceptional leadership are essential. But our focus is on what we believe to be the most important ingredient: technology super-platforms that we call "Launching Pads." These Launching Pads, current and future, have the potential to change the business landscape and more.

Technology and business forever intertwined as the future unfolds. Exceptional leaders and Technology Launching Pads are shaping business, humanity, and the world. That's what Creating New Superstars is all about.

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A blog: fatuzzobooksblog.com. Thoughts about technology and business. Here we express our views about what we believe is important for business success in today’s chaotic world and to explore the role of new technologies in the future of business and humanity.

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