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Building the Future Through R&D
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Welcome to New Horizons Business Ventures, Inc. (NHBV)
A Research and Development Focused, Management Consulting Company

Building the Future Through Research and Development (R&D)

R&D Effectiveness
NHBV works with clients to increase R&D effectiveness by
  • Achieving alignment of R&D operations with business goals/plans for improved results 
  • Harnessing Innovation through proactive R&D Program Portfolio Management
  • Accelerating New Product Commercialization


R&D Leadership
NHBV provides guidance and support to management for
  • Acquiring new leadership skills and/or optimizing existing ones
  • Developing new technology and/or product strategies 
  • Evaluating new ideas, technologies, and opportunities for potential technical alliances
Business Survival, Turnaround, and Growth
NHBV: Offering R&D focused management guidance, customized services, books, and leadership courses to technology based enterprises operating in disruptive environments. 

Increasing R&D effectiveness. Prioritizing investments and programs. Developing technology and/or growth strategies. Commercializing new products. Accelerating R&D programs. Acquiring new leadership skills. Business survival and growth in disruptive times such as recession usually require many of these things and more. These are NHBV's focus areas.

And when business survival, turnaround, and growth involve issues and concerns beyond R&D; NHBV works in conjunction with EF Management Associates, Inc. (EFMA). Together, NHBV and EFMA have written books and developed a series of management self-study courses focused on business leadership in disruptive environments such as recession. For more information about these books, courses and other NHBV/EFMA products visit the Products web page. To find more information about "Business Survival in Disruptive Times", visit the joint NHBV/EFMA management resource Web site:

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